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About Rob and Claudia Rowsell

Real Estate Investors Rob and Claudia RowsellRob and Claudia Rowsell are successful real estate investors based in San Diego, CA. They are also seasoned business owners, running four successful auto repair shops d/b/a Family Auto Service.

Rob and Claudia have received real estate investing education from numerous sources. Wealth Intelligence Academy (2007) and RE Mentor (2009) are their biggest contributors. They completed all courses in each. Thus, they were inducted into each company’s Hall of Fame. The latest induction came in 2018.

They also own and operate a very successful property renovation business in San Diego. Claudia Buys Houses has purchased, renovated, and sold multifamily and single-family properties since 2009.

Real estate investment projects

Accepting the Hall of Fame Award from Robert and Kim Kyosaki

Accepting the Hall of Fame Award from Robert and Kim Kyosaki

The Rowsells owned a 284-unit complex in Bedford, TX. They bought it in 2009 for $8 million USD. They dispositioned it in 2012 for $12.5 million USD. This was six months ahead of schedule.

In 2017, Rob and Claudia joined other multi-family investors to purchase a two property package in San Antonio, TX. It totalled 283 units. They then repositioned these assets from a 70% physical occupancy at takeover. They were also in dire need of Cap-Ex and tenant repositioning. The team spent over $750,000 improving the property. They then sold it in August 2019. That sale was also months ahead of schedule.

In 2017, 2018, and 2019, Rob and Claudia transferred some of their California holdings into the St. Louis market. This took advantage of accumulated equity via 1031 exchanges. Their experience made for a smooth transition. It let them acquire a 70 unit complex and a 32 complex in St. Louis, then a 96 unit complex in Granite City, IL. In 2019, they purchased another 32 unit complex in St. Louis. They are currently in Escrow on additional properties.

Rob and Claudia accepting their ReMentor Real Estate Investor Hall of Fame trophies in 2018.

Dave Lindahl presents RE Mentor Investor Hall of Fame awards to Rob and Claudia in 2018.

Rob and Claudia still own property in California. They continue to manage the Property Managers of all properties. This keeps their managers on track and performing as anticipated. It benefits both the Rowsells and their investors.

In August 2018, they acquired commercial property in San Diego. Today, it houses their fourth auto repair shop.

Continuing education

Rob and Claudia continue advancing their Real estate investing education, attending classes through RE Mentor. This helps them monitor market conditions. They also attend local Real Estate Investment Association meetings each month.